At Loving Monday we’ve been working in the field of employee engagement for over 20 years.

In those 20 or so years the single biggest thing we've learnt is that employee engagement has absolutely nothing to do with 'employees' and everything to do with 'people'.

If all you're doing is trying to engage the employees then you're missing the point. You're missing the one thing that it takes to engage them and that's to understand them, all of them, not just the bit of them that spends time doing stuff they get paid to do, but who they are and what's important to them.

There are many engagement tools out there that will provide you with reams of data and fancy graphs with monotonous regularity but none that provide simple, clear effective data that supports and prioritises the meaningful conversations that matter, the conversations between managers and employees about not only their engagement levels but also how they’re feeling about their performance and crucially about their wellbeing and the ‘person’ they are…

…Or so we thought until we found Yoomi.

Yoomi is a unique and user-friendly app that connects employee performance, employee engagement and employee wellbeing and because of this its who we partner with if our clients are looking to establish engagement levels. This information alongside the consultancy and leadership and management development we provide give you not only the information you need but also the understanding, confidence, capability and behaviour to use it.



yoomi - wellbeing, engagement, performance


Yoomi provides visible results and instant feedback at every employee check-in, displaying the levels of engagement throughout your organisation as well as individual teams. Users can also create a pulse survey of engagement which gives fast, frequent and immediate results that your business can use to make effective changes.


Yoomi measures and assesses your business’ performance with present and future-focused questions based on how an employee feels they are performing against their big intentions.


For organisations to succeed today, the wellbeing of individual employees, and of the workplace, truly matters. Our emotion-based questions allow managers and employees to build strong, meaningful relationships and support the emotional wellbeing of employees.



Why does my company need Yoomi?

Managers and employees loathe performance management and dislike engagement surveys, both have proven to be tedious, time-consuming and often feel pointless.

These outdated processes don’t take employee engagement or employee wellbeing into account and ultimately don’t work towards the cultural or business performance shifts that your business needs to succeed in the future.

Organisations can already obtain individual data on employee performance, employee engagement and employee wellbeing to varying degrees, but it is not all conveniently packaged in one place as with Yoomi. Yoomi connects the three elements to truly grow your people and your business.

Want to know more about how our partnership with Yoomi could help you?

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