What does VoicePrint do?

Do you ever come away from a conversation thinking, well, that wasn’t the response I was expecting?

Do you ever find yourself listening to someone, summarising what they’ve said only to see a confused look on their face that clearly tells you that wasn’t what they meant at all….?

Ever wondered why? The answer to these questions and many more of the common challenges we all experience with communication are in your VoicePrint VoicePrint profiles how you use 9 different voices, helps you understand the impact that each can have and shows you how to adapt your communication style dependent on the circumstances you’re in.

Talk Comes Easily, So We Assume We Know How To Use It

But the impact that we have does not always correspond with our intent. Without sufficient awareness, our impact can be unintended, unproductive and unappreciated. VoicePrint raises our awareness of how we use talk and what happens when we do. It shows how much of the available range of ‘voices’ an individual (or a team or an organisation) currently uses, how to fill the gaps in their repertoire and how to overcome the otherwise recurring problem of ‘overdoing’ or ‘under-doing’ certain voices at the expense of effective and productive interactions.

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Benefits for individuals, teams & organisations

Talking effectively is the single most important competence that any of us can possess.

It is central to how we interact with others, how we think, how we get to grips with our problems and opportunities and how we manage our own resourcefulness.

VoicePrint unlocks our understanding of talk, allowing us to use it more effectively than ever before. VoicePrint makes an immediate, practical difference in the quality and impact of how people perform and equips you to deal with your organisational challenges more productively and effectively. 

With VoicePrint:

  • Quickly acquire improved personal and interpersonal communication & influencing competencies
  • Show managers and leaders how to understand and engage others
  • Identify key enablers & inhibitors of performance in individuals & teams
  • Let teams & individuals set clear action priorities for their learning & development
  • Get the most immediately useful personal development tool
  • Make effective communication part of our organisational culture.


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