What is transformational leadership?

Search for 'Leadership models' online and you will find hundreds of blogs, business reviews and academic papers talking about different approaches to measuring the different styles of leadership...

But which model is right for you and your business? Surely not every 'Top Leadership Model for Business Success' that you found online can be right for you, can it?

The '360 Development' programme from Loving Monday uses at its core the 360 transformational leadership model developed by Questback, one of our partners who are one of the world's leading developers of employee experience and engagement.

In developing their transformational leadership model, Questback reviewed the most prominent schools of thought and looked for validated leadership models widely adopted both in business and academia.This research shows that it is transformational leadership behaviours that positively predict a wide variety of performance outcomes at individual, group and organisational level.

It's the transformational behaviours that are widely deemed more desirable and effective in producing positive change.

Put simply, transformational leadership makes the difference, it's what drives change, it's what develops performance, it's what gets noticed and it's what people follow.


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What will it develop?

Our ‘360 Development’ programme measures and supports the development of the seven key components of transformational leadership:

  1. The ability to communicate a vision
  2. The ability to foster innovative thinking in themselves and others
  3. The ability to inspire others
  4. To lead by example and model behaviours
  5. The ability to support and develop others
  6. The ability to foster collaboration
  7. The effective delivery of reward and recognition


Decades of research have shown that amongst other things, followers of effective transformational leaders will show:

  • Greater career satisfaction
  • Lower likelihood to leave
  • Greater discretionary effort
  • Higher levels of well-being
  • Greater organisational commitment
  • Greater trust in leadership

In short, an effective transformational leader will engage more, deliver more, inspire more and be the person that their team and their organisation want and needs them to be.