The engagement of your employees matters

It makes a difference to your organisation because it affects everything you do and everything you’re trying to do.

Many businesses are currently feeling the pinch and experiencing significant challenges. Margins are being squeezed, customers are harder to find and even harder to keep, and employment costs are rising along with a skills shortage in the region.

We’re not going to tell you that engaging your employees is going to make all this go away, but it can and does make a difference.

Let’s look at an example through the eyes of one of our clients. This business is a housing association providing housing and care solutions across the south of England. We worked with them to increase their employee engagement and it moved from 58% to 82%. So what you say it’s just a number, well actually it’s not just a number, think of it as more of an indicator.

As well as this indicator moving in the right direction, so did a number of others. Its absence statistics went down, its employee turnover figure went down, and its customer satisfaction, loyalty and recommendations numbers all went up.

More significantly because of all this, it saved money. In fact six figure sums of money which all directly linked to its increase in engagement. It achieved and still achieves more for less, its employees came up with new ideas and innovations, some of which are now generating income.

The change was so significant that the Chief Exec believes, and tells others that increasing his employee engagement ‘transformed this business’.

So while many businesses may need to spend less money and achieve more they may already have the answer. The people they already employ. They just need to make sure they maximise the talent they have by engaging them in the business they’re already part of.