Do your managers know what they are doing?

Yes we did just ask that, not to be argumentative but because we think we need to as it’s something we often hear.

Not because they’re underperforming but simply because they, like us all, need some help at times. Particularly when things are changing so fast.

As a manager yourself have you always known ‘what you’re doing’ at every point in time in your career? If we’re honest… and yes we count ourselves in this, have there been times when you would have been a bit shaky in your answer? Quite often the shaky times are when you’ve just been given some extra responsibility or been promoted.

Like many organisations it’s likely that you have people who’ve been promoted internally to management positions, which is great. They’re clearly great people who’ve demonstrated that they’re good at what they do and you’ve recognised this.

But like many organisations you and maybe even they may have assumed that as they now have the word ‘Manager’ in their job title that they know how to do it. Unfortunately, what they were good at, is not what you need them to do now, particularly if their new role now involves managing people.

Many organisations are under a great deal of pressure at present from a number of areas. You need to do more with less both for your customers and for your staff. One area we’ve been able to help our clients with is helping them to keep their great people, and help them provide what those great people need at the times they need it most.

It’s far cheaper to keep and grow the people you have rather than replace them when they leave.

If you think this sounds a bit like your organisation then drop us a line and we’ll help your great people continue to be great.