VoicePrint - The key to improving communication


Do you ever come away from a conversation thinking, well that wasn’t the response I was expecting?

Do you ever find yourself listening to someone, summarising what they’ve said only to see a confused look on their face that clearly tells you that wasn’t what they meant at all….?

Ever wondered why? – The answer is because the ‘voice’ we think we’re using isn’t always the ‘voice’ others hear.

‘When you’re having a conversation, what ‘voice’ do people hear?’

Wouldn’t it be great if you knew the answer, wouldn’t a lot of the confusion that we all feel at times when communicating just ebb away and the dialogue we’re having be more engaging? Imagine if you knew what voice people were hearing because you knew what voice you were using. Imagine the benefits, professionally and personally, that you would experience if you could really understand and master how to communicate successfully in all the different situations that life throws at you.

Loving Monday is one of a handful of accredited VoicePrint coaches. VoicePrint is a personal profiling tool that lets you visualise and understand the way you talk, how you’re heard by others, and the impact that you have.

VoicePrint profiles how you use 9 different voices, helps you understand the impact that each can have and find out how often you use each. For us it links perfectly with our work with managers and leaders, helping them understand how the ‘voice’ they use effects their ability to communicate with, engage and influence others and how this then translates to both individual and organisational performance.

VoicePrint uses plain language to name important everyday behaviours and keep them in mind. This makes it much easier to take the insights that VoicePrint gives you and put them into practice, because every time you speak, the distinctive features of your own VoicePrint profile are brought back to your attention and you have the opportunity to practice, apply and benefit from what you have learned

VoicePrint has a number of benefits:

  • It provides you with insights that enable you to create specific development activities which improve your influence and impact with all of your important stakeholders, ultimately increasing your performance
  • It helps leaders understand the impact they are having on the engagement of their team and what they can change to improve performance, engagement and commitment
  • It helps managers understand and make the changes to their communication and behaviours
  • It helps members of staff in customer facing roles improve the customer experience through improving their dialogue and engagement