How do you define success?

What defines a successful career? Why is it that, by conventional definitions, only the few people at the top of the ladder have successful careers?

VoicePrint - The key to improving communication

Do you ever come away from a conversation thinking, well that wasn’t the response I was expecting? Do you ever find yourself listening to someone, summarising what they’ve said only to...

Stop Feeding People Bananas

Engagement matters and, if anything, it’s more important now than ever. The recent government mental health review ‘Thriving at Work’ highlighted that: 300,000 people...

Why your management style is dangerous

A few years ago, when I was chairing a meeting, I looked over at a member of my team who’d been quiet for most of the time. I was frustrated, annoyed even, because...

Every time I hear the phrase employee engagement a little piece of me dies….

I'm not the first to say it and know it's a strange thing to say, particularly for someone who spends their time supporting organisations to improve their performance by developing engagement levels...

Empathy – why it should matter to you

Empathy is defined as 'the ability to understand and share the feelings of another'. In our experience, it's something that's missed by far too many organisations who are looking to drive engagement.

Employee Engagement – Inspiration or Intellect, whats your answer?

I spend a lot of my time talking to people about employee engagement. I do this not only because I run an employee engagement consultancy, but because I enjoy it and it matters.

5 reasons why engagement programmes fail

I promise this isn't going to be another article telling you that employee engagement is the best thing since sliced bread etc. It's about these five points...

An engagement survey, why many should not bother

How many companies, currently running an employee engagement survey, can tell you what it’s done for them and how it’s benefitted their business? In our experience, sadly not many.